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Short cut keys in MS Excel

In this blog post, we will explore a comprehensive and definitive list of essential MS Office Excel Shortcut Keys or we can say Short cut keys in MS Excel that will significantly boost your efficiency and productivity with quick commands and open excel. Excel is a powerful tool for data management, analysis, and reporting, and knowing the right shortcut keys can make a substantial difference in how you work with spreadsheets.

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From basic navigation and selection to advanced formatting and formula manipulation, these shortcut keys cover a wide range of functions and operations within Excel. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, integrating these time-saving techniques into your daily workflow will enhance your proficiency and allow you to accomplish tasks more effectively.

Let’s dive into the world of Excel shortcut keys:

Shortcut key to open MS Excel

CTRL + NTo Create New Workbook
CTRL + OTo Open existing workbook
CTRL + STo Save workbook/worksheet
CTRL + WTo Close the current workbook
CTRL + F4To Close the Excel

Selecting and Editing Data shortcut keys

Shift + SpaceSelect the entire row.
Ctrl + SpaceSelect the entire column
F2Enter edit mode for the selected cell.
Ctrl + EnterComplete the edit and stay in the same cell
Alt + EnterInsert a line break within a cell
Ctrl + DFill down from the selected cell
Ctrl + RFill right from the selected cell

Formatting Cells and Data shortcut keys

Ctrl + Shift + FOpen the font formatting dialog box
Ctrl + Shift + 7Apply the default cell border
Ctrl + Space + Right ArrowAuto-fit the width of the selected column
Shift + Space + Down ArrowAuto-fit the height of the selected row

Working with Formulas and Functions shortcut keys

Ctrl + Equals (=)to start the formula
Alt + Equals (=)Apply the AutoSum formula to the selected range
F4Toggle between absolute, relative, and mixed references within a formula

Analyzing Data shortcut keys

Alt + H + SOpen the sort dialog box
Ctrl + Shift + LApply a filter to the selected range
Alt + N + VInsert a PivotTable

Advanced Excel Shortcuts shortcut keys

Alt + H + LOpen the conditional formatting options
Ctrl + Shift + + (Plus Sign)Insert cells, rows, or columns
Ctrl + – (Minus Sign)Delete cells, rows, or columns
Alt + Shift + Right ArrowGroup selected rows or columns
Alt + Shift + Left ArrowUngroup selected rows or columns
Ctrl + Shift + OHide selected Column / UnHide selected Column
Ctrl + 9Hide selected Row
Ctrl + Shift + 9UnHide selected Row
Ctrl + Arrow KeysMove to the edge of the current data region in the respective direction (up, down, left, or right).
Ctrl + HomeGo to the top-left cell of the worksheet
Ctrl + EndJump to the last cell containing data or formatting
Ctrl + Page Up/Page DownSwitch between worksheets
Ctrl + Shift + Page Up/Page DownSelect multiple worksheets
Ctrl + Arrow Down (or Ctrl + End + Arrow Up)Jump to the last cell in the column that contains data

By incorporating these Excel shortcut keys into your routine tasks, you’ll be able to navigate, format, and analyze data more efficiently, saving valuable time and effort. These time-saving techniques are essential for anyone working extensively with Excel, and mastering them will make you a true Excel power user.

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So, whether you are managing data, creating reports, or performing complex calculations, make the most out of MS Excel by leveraging these shortcut keys. Embrace the efficiency and productivity they offer, and excel in your data-driven tasks like never before!

Computer Shortcut Keys- FAQs

Can I customize shortcut keys in Excel?

Yes, Excel allows you to customize shortcut keys according to your preferences. You can assign new shortcut keys or modify existing ones by accessing the “Customize Ribbon” or “Options” settings.

How can I quickly navigate to the end of a large dataset?

To navigate to the last cell of a large dataset, you can use the shortcut Ctrl + Arrow Down or Ctrl + End + Arrow Up. These shortcuts will take you to the bottom-most cell in the column that contains data.

Are these shortcut keys applicable to both Windows and Mac versions of Excel?

Yes, the majority of shortcut keys mentioned in this article are applicable to both Windows and Mac versions of Excel. However, there may be a few platform-specific shortcuts or slight variations in key combinations. It’s recommended to consult the Excel documentation for platform-specific shortcut keys.

Can I undo an action performed using a shortcut key?

Yes, you can undo an action performed using a shortcut key by pressing Ctrl + Z. This will revert the last action you performed, allowing you to correct any mistakes or unintended changes.

Are there any shortcuts specifically for charting and graphing?

Yes, Excel offers various shortcuts for charting and graphing tasks. These shortcuts include quickly creating charts, formatting chart elements, and navigating within charts. Refer to Excel’s documentation or explore the charting-related shortcuts within the application for more details.

What are MS Office Excel shortcut keys?

MS Office Excel shortcut keys are keyboard combinations used to perform various actions quickly and efficiently in Microsoft Excel. They streamline tasks like formatting, navigation, data entry, and more.

How do shortcut keys help in MS Excel?

Shortcut keys in MS Excel save time by eliminating the need to navigate through menus. They enable users to access frequently used functions and commands with a simple key combination.

Where can I find the list of MS Office Excel shortcut keys?

You can find a comprehensive list of short cut keys in ms excel in the Excel application’s Help section or through online resources dedicated to Excel shortcuts.

What is the benefit of learning MS Office Excel shortcut keys?

Learning short cut keys in ms excel boosts productivity, enhances workflow, and reduces reliance on mouse clicks. It enables users to work faster and with greater precision.

Can I customize shortcut keys in MS Excel?

Yes, MS Excel allows users to customize or assign shortcut keys to specific macros or frequently used commands. This feature enhances personalization and workflow optimization.

How can I memorize MS Office Excel shortcut keys effectively?

Practice is key to memorizing short cut keys in ms excel. Regularly using shortcuts during Excel tasks helps reinforce memory and speeds up familiarity.

What are some essential short cut keys in ms excel for beginners?

Essential short cut keys in ms excel for beginners include Ctrl+C (Copy), Ctrl+V (Paste), Ctrl+Z (Undo), Ctrl+X (Cut), Ctrl+S (Save), and Ctrl+A (Select All).

Are there shortcuts for navigating between worksheets in Excel?

Yes, Excel offers shortcuts like Ctrl+Page Up/Page Down to navigate between worksheets within a workbook, improving efficiency during data analysis.

Can short cut keys be used in Excel Online or Excel for Mac?

Yes, short cut keys in ms excel are available in both Excel Online (web version) and Excel for Mac. Many common shortcuts are consistent across different platforms.

Are there shortcuts for quickly formatting cells in Excel?

Yes, Excel offers various shortcuts for formatting cells, such as Ctrl+B (Bold), Ctrl+I (Italic), Ctrl+U (Underline), Ctrl+1 (Format Cells dialog), and more.

How can I switch between different Excel views using shortcuts?

You can switch between different Excel views using shortcuts like Alt+W+V (Switch to Normal View), Alt+W+P (Switch to Page Layout View), and Alt+W+G (Switch to Page Break Preview).

Are there any shortcuts for quick formula editing in Excel?

Yes, Excel provides shortcuts like F2 (Edit Cell), Ctrl+Shift+Enter (Array Formula), Ctrl+` (Toggle Formula View), and F4 (Repeat Last Action) for quick formula editing.

Can I use shortcuts to insert or delete rows and columns in Excel?

Absolutely! Excel shortcuts like Ctrl+Shift+”+” (Insert Row/Column) and Ctrl+”-” (Delete Row/Column) make row and column operations efficient.

How can I find a specific function or command using shortcuts in Excel?

To find specific functions or commands quickly, use shortcuts like Alt+Q (Search Tell Me), Ctrl+F (Find), and Alt+’ (Access Ribbon with Key Tips).

Are there shortcuts for copying formulas in Excel without changing cell references?

Yes, shortcuts like Ctrl+D (Fill Down) and Ctrl+R (Fill Right) can copy formulas while maintaining the original cell references in Excel.

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